Hyderabad, India

Bio: THE SCIENCE OF COSMOLOGY-VEDAS: UNITY IN DIVERSITY [COSMOLOGY WORLD PEACE]- Dr Vidyardhi Nanduri promotes the Unity in Science and Philosophy through Cosmology Vedas Interlinks PURPOSE:ORIGINS-Cosmology Vedas Interlinks {Independant Research] 1. The Science of Philosophy: Divinity, Vedas, Upanishads, Temples & Cosmos Yoga 2. Philosophy of Science : Plasmas, Electro-magnetic fields and Cosmology 3. Resource : Reflectors,3-Tier Consciousness, Source, Fields and Flows :Add Protection 4. Noble Cause : Human-Being, Environment, Divine Nature and Harmony Protect Copyrights- Knowledge Base -Content-Author Vidyardhi Nanduri Space Cosmology studies-origins- 20 Books- 17 under US Copyrights http://archive.org/details/CosmologyDefinitioncosmologyVedasInterlinksVidyardhiNanduriCosmology http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/jnani108 http://www.lulu.com/shop/vidyardhi-nanduri/cosmology-vedas-interlinks-books-by-dr-vidyardhi-nanduri/ebook/product-22388039.html https://drvidyardhicosmology.wordpress.com/ DR Vidyardhi Nanduri [Associate Member COSPAR] Independent Research

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