IYL-International Year of Light 2015-Cosmos conundrums- Spirit of Science to Origins

Cosmos conundrums_ Spirit of Science to advance :Origins
Cosmology is a borderland between Science and philosophy. Open Mind of Scientific Approach helps advancement of Science.
A dogmatic approach limits the perceptions for future science without space-Cosmos Vision.

Welcome trend-Mapping the cosmos: Dark Energy Survey creates detailed guide to spotting dark matter.
one should question these concepts on Dark Matter and Dark Energy at the Cosmic Scale.

search; http://www.darkenergysurvey.org/survey
East or West, the objective business mode approach should be the criterion in such situations where the origins to the Universe and multi-universe are embedded in languages through vedas. This quest by late Alfven is termed as -cosmology is a myth or Science,around 30 years back or more according to my information. As scientist, one’s duty is to help decipher Knowledge base to preserve the Spirit of Science.
There is necessity and Demand to Comprehension- Cosmic Function of the Universe.
The Invisible-Visible matrix modes involve Cosmic Flow distribution in four-flow pattern.
The concepts of Dark Energy need to comprehend Above sequential modes in Nature under Cosmic Pot Energy of the Universe-STSCI -2003 and Carnegie 2003 by V Nanduri

Gravitational assumptions and Dark matter concepts do not hold much promise at this scale -of Supernovas observations under Elliptical galaxies.
Even Super-imposition of Visible -Invisible mode Matrix near to Galaxy and clusters of Galaxies should help Particle physics groups to incorporate vision studies in
earnestness. a lot of Spade work is done by dark Energy groups to undertake a survey of this nature.
The Cosmological Index is a drive to Milky Way Sensitive Index and as such the Onset-mode must be viewed as a Curtain raiser to the present day concepts that provide confusion through Big-Bang, Singularity and other theories with limited perception of Science in Philosophy.
The origins of Cosmology should be searched through Vedas Interlinks. Considerable background exercise is needed through several feasible projections that lead to
Prime Functions: Prime Source, Prime fields, Prime Flows , Prime Reflectors and Prime Protective Index- see my papers -Flow-fields integration through Nandi and Super-imposition of matrix modes in COSPAR-2013-THE FIRST COSPAR SYMPOSIUM- Planetary Systems of our Sun and other stars and the Future of Astronomy, Bangkok, Thailand, Nov2013 . one can add new subject tags like Nandi Concept, Flow Fields Integration, Plasmas, Magnetic Fields, Visible invisible Matrix, Space Data Modelling, Universe Modelling, Cosmology Vedas Interlinks,
Over-all, I will be more happy to see cosmos data if it can fit-in the dimensional knowledge frames projected in my Papers and more information available through books 1993 on wards to answer many queries that addresses the Cosmology communities at large.
search; http://www.darkenergysurvey.org/survey/
To provide the maximum amount of information to the probe of dark energy, DES’s survey area is selected to overlap with other sky surveys that can provide additional data about the galaxies viewed. These surveys include the South Pole Telescope (SPT), Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) and the Vista Hemisphere Survey (VHS)

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