Cosmology Definition

Space Cosmology Vedas Interlinks-Cosmology Definition-1 By Vidyardhi Nanduri

Introduces Cosmology Defintion, coverpages of 7 books,Purpose of interlinks -all in brief


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    I.Big-Bang Time line 13.8 Billion years does not touch- PRIDHVEEM SHANTHIH
    Pridhvi-Earth region covers upto 100 AU
    While Sin-Time line is around 4.5 Billion years- the Big-bang blow-up psychology put the time line to 3 times above Sun Time-line.
    obviously, the absurdities must be removed or undergo change in search of Nature and philosophy.
    Big-bang astronomers cannot afford to move away from reality index-Astronomical Index to Cosmological Index
    and should desist from misleading culture including Pope’s Big-Bang and GOD particle
    Ref:The solar system is 4.5 billion years old, but the universe is much older. What was here before our solar system formed?
    Here’s the Orion, Eagle, and the Tarantula Nebulae. These are star forming regions. They’re clouds of hydrogen left over from Big Bang, with dust expended by aging stars, and seeded with heavier elements formed by supernovae
    Read more at:
    II. Sub: Searching Cosmos Quest-Knowledge base
    Adding confusion to stagnant Minds does not inspire – Spirit of Science advancement. If you consider Science at cross roads or cross functional modes, one needs to search beyond and to the origins.
    Cosmology East West Center calls for best of brains trust. The Cosmic Fnction of the Universe is well defined way back in 1993-96 in my projections- I did expect this state of dilemma.From Alfven’s Cosmos Quest, cosmologists need to apply their minds to unravel the mystery of the Universe- This is the necessity.
    1.PLASMA VISION OF THE UNIVERSE-1993 (TXU 729-718)2.THE VISION OF COSMIC UNIVERSE TO PREM UNIVERSE-1995 (TXU 893-693) *PREM: Plasma Regulated Electro-Magnetic Universe
    All books available- vidyardhicosmology [dot] blogspot] com
    III Dark Energy Survey begins five-year mission to map southern sky in tremendous detail
    Sub: Science to go a long way-Present day Half -heart approach
    1.Counting galaxy clusters. While gravity pulls mass together to form
    galaxies, dark energy pulls it apart
    NOTES: Need Change in Concepts and Limiting function
    2. Measuring supernovae. – Expansion
    NOTES: Orderliness must be clear-Comprehenion desirable
    3. Bending of Light
    Notes: Lead kindly Light- Tamasoma jyothirgamaya…plasma occupies the shape of the body – leads to universal plasma Energy Model-uPE Model-IEEE ICOPS 1991 by Vidyardhi Nanduri
    4. sound waves to scale map of Universe
    Notes: Plasma Regulated Electro-Magnetic phenomena in Magnetic Field Environment
    Comprehension: Necessity-demand- curiosity-Sustain Spirit of Cosmology Studies-Origins vedas interlinks
    Cosmic function of the universe through magnetic field Sensex and Visible-Invisible matrix
    Search or contact author-1.PLASMA VISION OF THE UNIVERSE-1993 ( TXU 729-718 )
    Observations:Ref: .
    Interactions NewsWire #65-13
    3 September 2013

    Quest: Where is Cosmological index? source
    for Argument from the origin of the idea of God
    The conclusion is that this external origin is actually God.
    Evidence for first cause gods and Christianity.
    Almost all of your “evidence” is entirely independent of Jesus Christ and the Christian tradition. It works just as well for Islam, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and most other religions. These are the errors that you are making:
    1- There is a first cause.
    2- The first cause is intelligent.
    3- The first cause purposefully created the universe.
    COSMOS QUEST: Cosmic function of the universe
    Sub: In search of Origins? Cosmological index-East West Interaction
    Astronomy to cosmology studies -Searching minds-guiding spirit
    PURPOSE:ORIGINS-Cosmology Vedas Interlinks Knowledge Base
    1. The Science of Philosophy: Divinity, Vedas, Upanishads, Temples & Cosmos Yoga
    2. Philosophy of Science : Plasmas, Electro-magnetic fields and Cosmology
    3. Resource : Reflectors,3-Tier Consciousness, Source, Fields and Flows :Add Protection
    4. Noble Cause : Human-Being, Environment, Divine Nature and Harmony
    Space Cosmology Vedas Interlinks-Cosmology Definition-1 By Vidyardhi Nanduri

    Introduces Cosmology Defintion, coverpages of 7 books,Purpose of interlinks -all in brief

    Big Bang Time Line
    Cosmological models of the “Big Bang” expansion of the universe have converged on a general framework in time, energy, and temperature. Below is an attempt to show some of the features of the models on a time line.
    The later parts of this time line follow the chronology suggested by Steven Weinberg in “The First Three Minutes”. The models are extended to earlier times back to the Planck time when the unification of all the fundamental forces is presumed. In order to deal with some problems with the standard big bang model, Guth introduced the idea of an extraordinarily rapid inflationary epoch. Along the time line there are three spontaneous symmetry breaks which separate the unified force into the four fundamental forces operating in today’s universe.
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